Modern Day Cure | Press Kit
Modern Day Cure is a worship band from Saginaw, MI. Modern Day Cure’s worship inspired lyrics and aggressive guitar-driven sound transcends cultural and denominational barriers. The heart of MDC is to exalt Jesus, share His truth, and to see people changed by His power.
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Press Kit


Modern Day Cure is worship band from Saginaw, Mich. founded by Aaron Chipp, Tamar Chipp, and Tifani Autry. The heart of Modern Day Cure is to exalt Jesus, share His truth, and see people changed by His power. Their name is inspired by Hebrews 13:8, which states “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” To the band, this truth makes Him the modern day cure. They believe Jesus is the answer the world needs today.


For Modern Day Cure, becoming a band meant starting with a guitarist who never played before, a drummer who hadn’t picked up sticks in years, and a lead singer whose voice was silenced by disappointment. A call from God overshadowed inexperience, rust, and discouragement. Aaron, Tamar, and Tifani, stepped out on faith, obeyed God’s voice and started their journey. A dream was enough to drive them from an unlikely beginning to the release of their first EP in 2012.


Since then, Modern Day Cure has experienced opportunities bigger than themselves. In 2013, they were winners at the Big Ticket Festival’s Indie Band Competition in Gaylord, Mich. and have since shared the stage with Newsboys, Sanctus Real, Disciple, Francesca Battistelli, Kutless, J.J. Weeks Band, All Things New, and Lecrae. In 2014, they were named winners of Smile FM’s Michigan Made Music Contest and also released their first full length album Victorious.​


Their journey eventually led them to Nashville, Tenn. in the spring of 2015 to record their new EP Promises.​T​he four­​song record is produced by Tyrus Morgan and Jay Speight of Lift Music Co. in Nashville.


“God put us with the right people we needed for this project,” says Aaron, band leader and primary songwriter for the group. “It’s funny how things work out. I actually met Tyrus and Jay in a lunchroom at a church they were playing at in Michigan. I just happened to be a volunteer for the tour that day. You never know how God will connect you with the people you need, but He’s faithful. That’s been our story ever since we started. That’s why this record means so much to us, it was truly an answer to prayer.”


“We are so excited about the heart and talent that God has given Modern Day Cure,” says Morgan and Speight who also cowrote on the album. “We have no doubt that this record will encourage and impact a lot of people!”


Inspiration for P​romises c​omes from the band’s stories of God’s providential care in their lives and Psalm 138:2 (NLT), which reads “… I praise your name for your unfailing love and faithfulness; for your promises are backed by all the honor of your name.”


“No matter where we’ve been along our journey, we’ve seen God come through time and time again,” says Tamar Chipp, lead singer for the band. “He has been faithful to His promise concerning our lives and we want to share this hope with others. We want people to know that God keeps his promises.”


The first track, Hand of God, is an uptempo electric guitar driven song that combines a catchy melody with timeless truth. In We Are the Brave,​Tamar and Tifani share lead vocals and harmonize beautifully together in an anthemic proclamation of God’s strength and the believer’s identity in Him. P​romises,​the title track of the EP, is a personal declaration of trust in God’s love and His word. Tifani takes the reigns on lead vocals for Always Good, ​a congregational song sure to be useful during times of personal reflection and communal worship.


“If you would have told the three of us we’d be in a band together a few years ago, we’d say you were crazy,” says Tifani. “We weren’t even playing any instruments. But God brought us together at the right time and we have surrendered to his plan. To us, t​rue worship is having an undying resolve to follow God’s lead and declare His goodness despite what we face. We’ve grown to understand that we must be willing to live the lyrics we sing.​I​t’s deeper than just getting up on stage and singing a few songs. The music is secondary, having hearts that please God is our first priority.”


Modern Day Cure was featured in CCM Magazine.  Click the image above to view the article.




‘Promises’ combines the best of worship, vocal artistry, and live-band power, all into one EP—this trio really knows how to rock, but doesn’t shy away from delivering poignant praise. I love how Modern Day Cure adds a needed dimension to the sphere of the worship genre, yet holds their own as a legitimate band on any stage.

“We are so excited about the heart and talent that God has given Modern Day Cure. We have no doubt this record will encourage and impact a lot of people!” Tyrus Morgan and Jay Speight of Lift Music Co., Nashville, TN

“Modern Day Cure is made up of a group of anointed and humble people who God is using in a great way. Their music has the ability to remove fear and infuse faith and hope. Modern Day Cure is truly being used of God to lead this generation into a place of worship.” Brian Pruitt Motivational  |  Power of Dad Non-Profit Organization

“I had the great opportunity to experience Modern Day Cure at a recent Spirit Hockey Faith Night. Through their music, MDC provides a powerful testimony to the love of our redeemer, Lord Jesus Christ. They are wonderfully talented, yet humbly share all that they are for God’s glory.”
Colleen Rabine | Director of Events & Community Affairs | Diocese of Saginaw

“Modern Day Cure is amazing.  They are true worshippers both on and off the stage. Their goal is to bring praise to our great God, and that is very apparent during their performances. They are engaging and do a wonderful job at getting the crowd to sing out and worship. They have great energy in their music and you can’t help but sing along. They were a joy to have lead a worship night at our church. We would gladly have them back. God is doing great things through them!”
– Brian Simmermacher | Worship Director | New Life Christian Fellowship, Saginaw, MI